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Review request for Aurora, Bill Farner and Brian Wickman.

Repository: aurora


Remove twitter.common.rpc dependency and upgrade requests.

requests changelog, including a CVE:

2.7.0 (2015-05-03)
This is the first release that follows our new release process. For more, see 


Updated urllib3 to 1.10.4, resolving several bugs involving chunked transfer 
encoding and response framing.
2.6.2 (2015-04-23)

Fix regression where compressed data that was sent as chunked data was not 
properly decompressed. (#2561)
2.6.1 (2015-04-22)

Remove VendorAlias import machinery introduced in v2.5.2.
Simplify the PreparedRequest.prepare API: We no longer require the user to pass 
an empty list to the hooks keyword argument. (c.f. #2552)
Resolve redirects now receives and forwards all of the original arguments to 
the adapter. (#2503)
Handle UnicodeDecodeErrors when trying to deal with a unicode URL that cannot 
be encoded in ASCII. (#2540)
Populate the parsed path of the URI field when performing Digest 
Authentication. (#2426)
Copy a PreparedRequest’s CookieJar more reliably when it is not an instance of 
RequestsCookieJar. (#2527)
2.6.0 (2015-03-14)

CVE-2015-2296: Fix handling of cookies on redirect. Previously a cookie without 
a host value set would use the hostname for the redirected URL exposing 
requests users to session fixation attacks and potentially cookie stealing. 
This was disclosed privately by Matthew Daley of BugFuzz. This affects all 
versions of requests from v2.1.0 to v2.5.3 (inclusive on both ends).
Fix error when requests is an install_requires dependency and python setup.py 
test is run. (#2462)
Fix error when urllib3 is unbundled and requests continues to use the vendored 
import location.
Include fixes to urllib3’s header handling.
Requests’ handling of unvendored dependencies is now more restrictive.
Features and Improvements

Support bytearrays when passed as parameters in the files argument. (#2468)
Avoid data duplication when creating a request with str, bytes, or bytearray 
input to the files argument.
2.5.3 (2015-02-24)

Revert changes to our vendored certificate bundle. For more context see (#2455, 
#2456, and http://bugs.python.org/issue23476)
2.5.2 (2015-02-23)
Features and Improvements

Add sha256 fingerprint support. (shazow/urllib3#540)
Improve the performance of headers. (shazow/urllib3#544)

Copy pip’s import machinery. When downstream redistributors remove 
requests.packages.urllib3 the import machinery will continue to let those same 
symbols work. Example usage in requests’ documentation and 3rd-party libraries 
relying on the vendored copies of urllib3 will work without having to fallback 
to the system urllib3.
Attempt to quote parts of the URL on redirect if unquoting and then quoting 
fails. (#2356)
Fix filename type check for multipart form-data uploads. (#2411)
Properly handle the case where a server issuing digest authentication 
challenges provides both auth and auth-int qop-values. (#2408)
Fix a socket leak. (shazow/urllib3#549)
Fix multiple Set-Cookie headers properly. (shazow/urllib3#534)
Disable the built-in hostname verification. (shazow/urllib3#526)
Fix the behaviour of decoding an exhausted stream. (shazow/urllib3#535)

Pulled in an updated cacert.pem.
Drop RC4 from the default cipher list. (shazow/urllib3#551)
2.5.1 (2014-12-23)
Behavioural Changes

Only catch HTTPErrors in raise_for_status (#2382)

Handle LocationParseError from urllib3 (#2344)
Handle file-like object filenames that are not strings (#2379)
Unbreak HTTPDigestAuth handler. Allow new nonces to be negotiated (#2389)
2.5.0 (2014-12-01)

Allow usage of urllib3’s Retry object with HTTPAdapters (#2216)
The iter_lines method on a response now accepts a delimiter with which to split 
the content (#2295)
Behavioural Changes

Add deprecation warnings to functions in requests.utils that will be removed in 
3.0 (#2309)
Sessions used by the functional API are always closed (#2326)
Restrict requests to HTTP/1.1 and HTTP/1.0 (stop accepting HTTP/0.9) (#2323)

Only parse the URL once (#2353)
Allow Content-Length header to always be overriden (#2332)
Properly handle files in HTTPDigestAuth (#2333)
Cap redirect_cache size to prevent memory abuse (#2299)
Fix HTTPDigestAuth handling of redirects after authenticating successfully 
Fix crash with custom method parameter to Session.request (#2317)
Fix how Link headers are parsed using the regular expression library (#2271)

Add more references for interlinking (#2348)
Update CSS for theme (#2290)
Update width of buttons and sidebar (#2289)
Replace references of Gittip with Gratipay (#2282)
Add link to changelog in sidebar (#2273)
2.4.3 (2014-10-06)

Unicode URL improvements for Python 2.
Re-order JSON param for backwards compat.
Automatically defrag authentication schemes from host/pass URIs. (#2249)
2.4.2 (2014-10-05)

FINALLY! Add json parameter for uploads! (#2258)
Support for bytestring URLs on Python 3.x (#2238)

Avoid getting stuck in a loop (#2244)
Multiple calls to iter* fail with unhelpful error. (#2240, #2241)

Correct redirection introduction (#2245)
Added example of how to send multiple files in one request. (#2227)
Clarify how to pass a custom set of CAs (#2248)
2.4.1 (2014-09-09)
Now has a “security” package extras set, $ pip install requests[security]
Requests will now use Certifi if it is available.
Capture and re-raise urllib3 ProtocolError
Bugfix for responses that attempt to redirect to themselves forever (wtf?).
2.4.0 (2014-08-29)
Behavioral Changes

Connection: keep-alive header is now sent automatically.

Support for connect timeouts! Timeout now accepts a tuple (connect, read) which 
is used to set individual connect and read timeouts.
Allow copying of PreparedRequests without headers/cookies.
Updated bundled urllib3 version.
Refactored settings loading from environment – new 
Handle socket errors in iter_content.


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