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(Updated Aug. 5, 2015, 5:32 p.m.)

Review request for Aurora, Benjamin Staffin, Maxim Khutornenko, and Steve 

Bugs: AURORA-1410

Repository: aurora-packaging


There's definitely more work to be done here, but this is my proposed structure.

Noteworthy files/dirs:
- `/specs`: package build specifications
- `/builder`: build environments and scripts
- `/build-artifact.sh`: build tool and definition of the 'contract' that 
builders must adhere to

To make this work, i had to make some changes to the package defs we have:
- **deb and rpm**: reverted some post-0.9.0 build target changes, so i could 
build 0.9.0 packages
- **rpm**: removed fetch/build of mesos to produce eggs, using our dists on svn 

**Note** - this is my first time playing with docker, `rpmbuild`, and 
`dpkg-buildpackage`.  Be gentle, but don't hesitate to point out mistakes i'm 

Diffs (updated)

  .gitignore PRE-CREATION 
  build-artifact.sh PRE-CREATION 
  builder/deb/ubuntu-trusty/Dockerfile PRE-CREATION 
  builder/deb/ubuntu-trusty/build.sh PRE-CREATION 
  builder/rpm/centos-7/Dockerfile PRE-CREATION 
  builder/rpm/centos-7/build.sh PRE-CREATION 
  builder/rpm/centos-7/pants.ini PRE-CREATION 
  specs/debian/rules d9814008e749c5dee3c6b0a7d0d852e123e29987 
  specs/rpm/Makefile 1833a25f5040efdaf62b2c95c97b027acc09fef8 
  specs/rpm/aurora.spec 5ec516f0cedaa5a1944c513d6303f4ce58d0bcd2 

Diff: https://reviews.apache.org/r/37107/diff/


Successfully ran:
./build-artifact.sh builder/deb/ubuntu-trusty 
./build-artifact.sh builder/rpm/centos-7 ~/Downloads/apache-aurora-0.9.0.tar.gz

I have no idea if the rpms or debs produced _work_, but they are created.  I 
will follow up after actually trying to use them.


Bill Farner

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