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Review request for Aurora, John Sirois and Zameer Manji.

Repository: aurora


This begins to define a proposed replacement args API, from the perspective of 
the code consuming args.  Args will be defined in interfaces, which the 
eventual arg system will be responsible for implementing on the fly (mechanism 
TBD).  So while what is seen here is a large net increase in code, the eventual 
conclusion will be roughly equivalent in terms of lines of code in `Module`s.

There are a few goals with the replacement:
- sidestep current development hurdles we have encountered with the args system 
(intellij/gradle not working nicely with apt)
- leverage a well-maintained third-party argument parsing library
- encourage better testability of Module classes by always injecting all args
- enable user-friendly features like logical option groups for better 
help/usage output
- stretch: enable alternative configuration inputs like a configuration file or 
environment variables

The rough plan of action is as follows (if the proposal looks good):
1. repeat this patch for all other `@CmdLine` declaration sites (28 files) 
2. introduce a 'boot' `Injector` that is loaded with bindings for these params 
implementations (i.e. centralize the `new ExecutorModuleParams() { .. }` 
boilerplate you see here
3. replace the args backend
  (a) remove `@CmdLine Arg<>` declarations, moving help text to annotations on 
interface methods
  (b) implement a system to inject proxies that implement params classes based 
on arg values, and binds them for injection

Given that this is a large multi-stage effort, i may opt to implement it on a 
branch and land it all at once in a stream of commits to avoid churn/confusion 
in the meantime.  Open to thoughts on that.



Diff: https://reviews.apache.org/r/41804/diff/



Bill Farner

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