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Review request for Aurora, Santhosh Kumar Shanmugham and Stephan Erb.

Repository: aurora


I realized I added a flaky assertion in `PendingTaskProcessorTest` in 

I got extremely unlucky and every time I ran the tests it passed until after I 
merged :(
The stat `preemptor_slot_search_[success|failed]_for_[name]` will not appear 
unless the job slot search actually succeeds or fails (i.e. it cannot be 0 
since it is dynamically generated). We were getting lucky where the test would 
search for JOB_A slots first and create the stat. However, when JOB_B gets 
searched first, the JOB_A stat is never created because there are no slaves to 
search through anymore.

I removed the assertion because there is a sufficient assertion directly above, 
and the stat is tested in multiple other tests.



Diff: https://reviews.apache.org/r/66570/diff/1/


`./gradlew test` passes. Manually forcing `JOB_A` (the condition that caused 
the error before) to get searched first passes.


Jordan Ly

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