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Line 148: Each noun will be separate component -> Each noun will be a separate 

noun verb syntax; are you wedded to this? "aurora get quota" and "aurora create 
job" are more English (if Tarzan sounding) like than "aurora quota get" and 
"aurora job create" and just seem to read better as verb noun to me.

Line 200: "* `submit jobkey config`:  submits a job to a cluster, launching the 
jobs task. "  I'm not clear here on whether this should be "job's tasks", 
"job's task", or "task named 'jobs'" (for the last, I'm thinking going through 
the "jobs" list in the config file, could be a task, although a bit different 
from the defined ones.)

Line 205: "they'llbe" -> "they'll be"

In the noun sections, I'd strongly suggest including at least the noun, and 
possibly "aurora <noun>"  in the examples for clarity since you've made a big 
deal of the noun/verb syntax thing. It took me a minute to realize "submit 
jobkey config" was short for "aurora job submit jobkey config"

Line 217-218: "cluster/role, all jobs running under the role will be listed". 
I'd add "on the cluster" between "running" and "under the role" for claity

Line 224: "The cron commands all manipulate cron schedule entries" Maybe just 
me, but I'd change this to "All cron commands manipulate..."; initially I was 
reading this as "The cron commands all..." with "commands" as a verb. 

Line 227: Again probably just me, but "schedule a job to run by cron." has me 
doing flashbacks to Conan the Barbarian going "By Crom!" and is a bit awkward. 
How about "schedule a cron-run job"

Line 234: "Quotas are a data object maintained by the scheduler that specifies 
the maximum      
resources that may be consumed by jobs owned by a particular role."  Definitely 
change "Quotas are a data object" to "A quota is a data object". I'd suggest 
breaking up this four chained concepts sentence info multiples; "A quota is a 
data object maintained by the scheduler. It specifies the maximum resources 
that jobs owned by a particular role may consume." Maybe also emphasize that it 
does *not* work on a single job as specified by a jobkey, but on all jobs 
sharing the specified cluster and role values.

Line 247: "command-line" -> "command line"

Line 323: remove extra whitespace.

Lines 326 and 328: "command-line" -> "command line"

Line 331: "When commands are executed" -> "When commands execute"

Lines 331-2: "When commands are executed, they're given an instance of a 
*context object*.      
The context object must be an instance of a subclass of 
`AuroraCommandContext`."   This is confusing, as you seem to be using "object" 
and "instance" interchangably. It seems that the command gets an instance of an 

Two things I'd suggest mentioning;

1) Is every current open source command line command and option going to be 
available in some way "out of the box" with the new client? In other words, is 
there any existing functionality being removed (or, for that matter, added) in 
this new client?

2) Will the new client still have the ability to add hooks to the existing 
commands? I'd think so, since as 
the hooks stuff operates on the underlying Aurora API which the client commands 

3) Not for open source, but will the Twitter-internal aurora packer and aurora 
deploy commands still be implemented in the new client?

- Tom Galloway

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> (Also make a few changes in the interfaces to match the updated doc.)
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>   src/main/python/apache/aurora/client/cli/jobs.py 
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