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Review request for Aurora, David McLaughlin and Bill Farner.

Bugs: AURORA-451

Repository: aurora


This patch does a few things: 

a) Install node using gradle-node plugin.
b) Installs node modules like bower, karma and protractor.
c) ./gradlew installBowerComponents will download and install the bower 
d) The ServletModule and build.gradle are updated to use the files installed 
via ./gradlew installBowerComponents. I have also deleted the 
3rdparty/javascript/bower_components directory (not added here to keep the diff 
e) ./gradlew runJsTests will run unit tests for our code using karma. 

I have tested a) b) c) and d) and they work as expected. However, we need to 
hook up installBowerComponents correctly as part of the build and run tasks.

./gradlew runJsTests also starts a karma server and runs the unit tests. But 
the task fails right now since we need to adapt our code a bit so karma can run 
the unit tests successfully. 

You can also run angular unit tests and end to end tests via protractor or 
karma. I have also installed protactor via node, but I haven't configured it 
for this projects since I am not sure what we would prefer to use in our 
environment. Further, both frameworks may need different kinds of tweaks to our 
source before we can run them under the test frameworks. David said he would 
look into this part.

NOTE: PLEASE ALSO DELETE 3rdparty/javascript/bower_components DIRECTORY AFTER 

PS: Do not ship this patch as is since it needs a few more tweaks.


  .bowerrc 7d94bddb9fe1faa9cfa93ed79b05d1c467fad9b5 
  .gitignore bed5b8b8a02e957e05b8bcc8fed925f1432973cf 
  bower.json PRE-CREATION 
  build.gradle 45494000c8c8eff6a1c049fa1842bb99b4fca67c 
  karma.conf.js PRE-CREATION 
  package.json PRE-CREATION 

Diff: https://reviews.apache.org/r/22111/diff/


Ensured node is installed as part of setup.

./gradlew clean installBowerComponents run works as expected. 
./gradlew installBowerComponents works as expected.
./gradlew runJsTests (fails since our code needs to be updated).


Suman Karumuri

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