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Change subject: IMPALA-5519: Allocate fragment's runtime filter memory from 
Buffer pool

Patch Set 8:


 > Did you look at the tests that Alex mentioned for creating a test
 > table with different cardinalities and nvds?

initially we discussed including those tests to check if the limits are being 
enforced in case the size calculated from ndvs is outside those limits. It 
turns out that we infact are already testing that code path when we check if 
the query limits are enforced (in bloom_filters.test). Also, since we are 
taking care of enforcing the hard limits({MIN,MAX}_BLOOM_FILTER_SIZE) on the 
query options itself, we dont need to write any tests with mock table stats 
File fe/src/main/java/org/apache/impala/planner/
PS8, Line 95:   private static final long MIN_BLOOM_FILTER_SIZE = 4 * 1024;
            :   private static final long MAX_BLOOM_FILTER_SIZE = 512 * 1024 * 
> You may remove them and add a check instead.
PS8, Line 109: _
> nit: no need for '_' when the fields are public
PS8, Line 125: bloomFilterSizeLimits_.max_ = 
             :     bloomFilterSizeLimits_.max_ = 
             :         MIN_BLOOM_FILTER_SIZE);
             :     bloomFilterSizeLimits_.max_ = 
             :         BackendConfig.INSTANCE.getMinBufferSize());
             :     bloomFilterSizeLimits_.max_ = Math.min(
             :         BitUtil.roundUpToPowerOf2(bloomFilterSizeLimits_.max_), 
> You may want to see if it makes sense to add this logic to FilterSizeLimits
I moved this whole part into the FilterSizeLimits ctor, since i need to retain 
the order in which these are set.
PS8, Line 482: sizeLimits
> 'filterSizeLimits'
PS8, Line 494:       filterSizeBytes_ = Math.min(filterSizeBytes_, 
> There is always the case that the size needed to achieve the desired fp rat
I would not recommend logging it here because although this is a valid case, it 
still does not guarantee that the filter will be disabled, as the disabling 
logic uses the actual ndv to check for fpp during query execution. Also, there 
might be a lot of runtime filters generated here but might not end up in the 
plan eventually, so the log might be filled with extra messages.

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