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Change subject: Remove Yarn from minicluster.

Patch Set 1:

> Patch Set 1:
> > > Patch Set 1:
>  > >
>  > > Did you also test data load and snapshot creation?
>  >
>  > The way I ran the core tests, I definitely tested data load. As far
>  > as I can tell, snapshot creation is largely pg_dump and tar. I'd be
>  > happy for pointers in terms of what else to test.
> This is a bit flaky, but I do use it occasionally to generate random data for 
> the query generator.
> I do not regenerate this data often, but it's a useful tool to have. I know 
> little about Yarn. If you know another way to get this to work, especially 
> one not flaky, I"m all ears. And no, this is not part of any CI that I know 
> of; just a tool.

Does that work on miniclusters? I ran it and it's having trouble connecting 
over WebHDFS. I haven't tried very hard yet.

I'm leaning towards backtracking to just controlling it with a variable the 
defaults off, but that approach leaves some cruft around.

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