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Change subject: IMPALA-4953,IMPALA-6437: separate AC/scheduler from catalog 
topic updates

Patch Set 15:

I was able to borrow a 140 node cluster and ran a workload with a few streams 
of concurrent queries. I looked at the statestored topics page, impalad and 
statestored metrics, "top" and "perf top" to make sure that resource 
consumption was as expected. Things looks good. The statestore does remain 
active consuming a moderate amount of CPU just to poll the 140 subscribers for 
updates every 100ms, but that is expected. One thing that is interesting is 
that the request-queue topic updates very frequently when running without 
mem_limits, because it tracks the actual memory consumption in that case, which 
tends to fluctuate a lot. Detailed notes follow.

On an idle 140 node cluster, statestored consumes ~40% cpu and ~500kb/s 
network. Perf shows that time is mainly spent checking topic versions.

 9.19%  impalad                                   [.] 
impala::Statestore::GetMinSubscriberTopicVersion(std::string const&, 
   7.50%  [kernel]                                  [k] find_busiest_group
   4.47%  impalad                                   [.] 
   1.82%  [kernel]                                  [k] find_next_bit
   1.69%  impalad                                   [.] 
impala::Statestore::Subscriber::LastTopicVersionProcessed(std::string const&) 
   1.68%  [kernel]                                  [k] _spin_lock
   1.27%  libc-2.12.so                              [.] __memcmp_sse4_1
   1.25%  [kernel]                                  [k] cpumask_next_and
   0.98%  [kernel]                                  [k] thread_return
   0.80%  [kernel]                                  [k] smaps_pte_entry
   0.74%  libjvm.so                                 [.] 
GenericTaskQueueSet<Padded<GenericTaskQueue<oopDesc*, (unsigned short)1280, 
131072u>, 64ul>, (unsigned short
   0.70%  [kernel]                                  [k] schedule
   0.60%  libc-2.12.so                              [.] memcpy
   0.54%  [kernel]                                  [k] _spin_lock_irqsave
   0.54%  [kernel]                                  [k] ixgbe_poll

If I ran a light workload of queries with no mem_limits, the request-queue 
topic updated frequently with the current memory consumption and statestored 
CPU consumption increased to 50-60% with a light workload of queries with no 
mem_limits.  If I set a default pool mem_limit the topic version only 
increments rarely and there is no noticeable increase in load.

On an idle cluster, prioritized updates were delivered in a timely manner and 
took minimal time to process. Snapshot of metrics from an Impalad while idle 
after running some queries:

    statestore-subscriber.connected     true    Whether the Impala Daemon 
considers itself connected to the StateStore.
    statestore-subscriber.last-recovery-time    N/A     The local time that the 
last statestore recovery happened.
    statestore-subscriber.topic-update-interval-time    Last (of 67983): 
0.100672. Min: 0, max: 2.43858, avg: 0.144938  The time (sec) between 
Statestore subscriber topic updates.
    statestore-subscriber.topic-update-duration         Last (of 34783): 
0.000256518. Min: 0, max: 1.06605, avg: 0.00530736     The time (sec) taken to 
process Statestore subscriber topic updates.
    statestore-subscriber.heartbeat-interval-time       Last (of 3344): 
1.00001. Min: 0, max: 1.82638, avg: 1.00039     The time (sec) between 
Statestore heartbeats.
    statestore-subscriber.topic-impala-request-queue.update-interval    Last 
(of 33200): 0.100672. Min: 0, max: 2.43848, avg: 0.100697  Interval between 
topic updates for Topic impala-request-queue
    statestore-subscriber.topic-impala-membership.update-interval       Last 
(of 33200): 0.100671. Min: 0, max: 2.43858, avg: 0.100696  Interval between 
topic updates for Topic impala-membership
    statestore-subscriber.topic-impala-request-queue.processing-time-s  Last 
(of 33200): 0.000254981. Min: 0, max: 0.0113791, avg: 0.000155621  Statestore 
Subscriber Topic impala-request-queue Processing Time
    statestore-subscriber.topic-impala-membership.processing-time-s     Last 
(of 33200): 0.000177222. Min: 0, max: 0.0113666, avg: 0.000120381  Statestore 
Subscriber Topic impala-membership Processing Time
    statestore-subscriber.topic-catalog-update.update-interval  Last (of 1583): 
2.0009. Min: 1, max: 2.20628, avg: 2.00069      Interval between topic updates 
for Topic catalog-update
    statestore-subscriber.topic-catalog-update.processing-time-s        Last 
(of 1583): 0.136297. Min: 0, max: 1.06605, avg: 0.113322   Statestore 
Subscriber Topic catalog-update Processing Time
    Count: 34783, min / max: 0 / 1s117ms, 25th %-ile: 0, 50th %-ile: 0, 75th 
%-ile: 0, 90th %-ile: 1ms, 95th %-ile: 1ms, 99.9th %-ile: 132ms
    Count: 3344, min / max: 0 / 1ms, 25th %-ile: 0, 50th %-ile: 0, 75th %-ile: 
0, 90th %-ile: 0, 95th %-ile: 0, 99.9th %-ile: 1ms
    statestore-subscriber.last-recovery-duration        0       The amount of 
time the StateStore subscriber took to recover the connection the last time it 
was lost.

>From the statestore's side, prioritized topic update RPCs were low latency - 
>~.5ms on average.

    statestore.heartbeat-durations      Last (of 473797): 0.000238798. Min: 0, 
max: 2.0773, avg: 0.000334941    The time (sec) spent sending heartbeat RPCs. 
Includes subscriber-side processing time and network transmission time.
    statestore.priority-topic-update-durations  Last (of 4668620): 0.0010134. 
Min: 0, max: 2.19275, avg: 0.000593646    The time (sec) spent sending priority 
topic update RPCs. Includes subscriber-side processing time and network 
transmission time.
    statestore.topic-update-durations   Last (of 224106): 0.121756. Min: 0, 
max: 2.96739, avg: 0.11604  The time (sec) spent sending non-priority topic 
update RPCs. Includes subscriber-side processing time and network transmission 

Topic versions for the request queue update very frequently while queries are 
running, as expected:

    Topic Id    Number of entries       Version         Oldest subscriber 
version       Oldest subscriber ID    Size (keys / values / total)
    impala-membership   130     130     130     
impa...@vc1517.halxg.cloudera.com:22000         4.95 KB / 12.82 KB / 17.77 KB
    impala-request-queue        129     543176  543048  
impa...@ve1139.halxg.cloudera.com:22000         5.54 KB / 4.28 KB / 9.83 KB
    catalog-update      88308   88322   88322   
impa...@vc1517.halxg.cloudera.com:22000         2.35 MB / 5.45 MB / 7.80 MB

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