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Change subject: IMPALA-6269: Expose KRPC metrics on debug webpage

Patch Set 11:


Thanks for the review. Please see PS11 and my inline comments. I will rebase 
the change next and then address comments related to the deprecated startup 
File be/src/rpc/impala-service-pool.h:
PS11, Line 83: map
> Will an unordered_map suffice ? It seems to be more performant.
PS11, Line 85:   // Number of RPCs that were rejected due to the queue being 
> Owned by the rpc metrics group singleton.
I added to the comment that this is not owned, it feels more future proof to 
not include the actual owner and I think we omit it in other places, too. Let 
me know if you would like to include the owning entity here.
PS11, Line 86:   IntCounter* rpcs_queue_overflow_;
> = nullptr
File be/src/rpc/
PS11, Line 246:     Value service_name_val(service_name().c_str(), 
> nit: indent wrong
PS11, Line 264:
> nit: indent
File be/src/rpc/rpc-mgr.h:
PS11, Line 183:  Not owned.
> shared_ptr<> means co-ownership no ?
File be/src/rpc/
PS11, Line 147: MetricGroup* metrics
> Should callers now be passing the exec_env_->rpc_metrics() so all RPC relat
I think this would break compatibility with previous versions of Impala, for 
example users might have tools that rely on the metric group hierarchy as it 
is. I created IMPALA-6540 for this.
File be/src/util/histogram-metric.h:
PS11, Line 96: //
> nit: ///
File tests/custom_cluster/
PS11, Line 52: -datastream_service_queue_depth=1
> This flag is being deprecated here
I will address all other comments, then rebase the change, and then address 
this one.
PS11, Line 60: [0]
> This may not be necessary now but it'd be better to not assume that DataStr
The idea was that there needs to be at least one service, but you're right, 
this depends on the datastream service specific startup flag so I'll change 
this together with the flag after the rebase.
PS11, Line 70: -datastream_service_queue_depth=1
> Same here
See above.

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