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Change subject: IMPALA-6269: Expose KRPC metrics on debug webpage

Patch Set 14: Code-Review+1

File be/src/rpc/
PS8, Line 76: }
            : ImpalaServicePool::~ImpalaServic
Maybe this is something to consider moving into RpcMethodInfo as a Kudu patch.

In that case, we can get it like we get the handler latency in L273.

Not for now, but if you agree, we can add a TODO here.
File be/src/rpc/
PS8, Line 128: rviceIf* service_p
This might stop us from working with different types of ServiceIfs in the 
future if we need to. But since we don't have any other types of ServiceIfs, 
it's okay for now.

Something to keep a note of though.
File tests/webserver/
PS14, Line 251: 'impala.DataStreamService'
Why not keep this in a local array? Then we can add more services to this test 
as we add them to the code base.

Then we can remove all references to 'DataStreamService' and use the array 
File www/rpcz.tmpl:
PS8, Line 42:         <tr>
            :           <th>Queue Size</th>
            :           <th>Idle threads</th>
            :           <th>Maximum Queue Size</th>
            :           <th>RPCs rejected due to queue overflow</th>
            :         </tr>
            :         <tr>
            :           <td id="{{service_name}}_queue_size">{{queue_size}}</td>
            :           <td 
            :           <td 
            :           </td>
            :           <td 
            :         </tr>
Would specifying a colspan for these guys align them better?

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