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Change subject: IMPALA-6269: Expose KRPC metrics on debug webpage

Patch Set 14:


Thanks for the review. Please see PS15 and my inline comments.
File be/src/rpc/
PS8, Line 76: }
            : ImpalaServicePool::~ImpalaServic
> Maybe this is something to consider moving into RpcMethodInfo as a Kudu pat
Good point, filed KUDU-2313 and left a comment here.
File be/src/rpc/
PS8, Line 128: rviceIf* service_p
> This might stop us from working with different types of ServiceIfs in the f
That's true. Non-generated services don't necessarily use a map to lookup 
methods. When adding the required getter to Kudu it felt far easier to only add 
it to the generated services interface than require a change to all services. I 
agree that we should revisit this if we need a custom service. An alternative 
then would be to register the methods ourselves, since we already have to type 
them out in code.
File tests/webserver/
PS14, Line 251: 'impala.DataStreamService'
> Why not keep this in a local array? Then we can add more services to this t
I factored the name into a parameter to make the code more generic. The next 
service might require a different query to exercise it though and not knowing 
which one exactly we're going to add, I'd like to defer factoring the method 
into a loop to a future change.
File www/rpcz.tmpl:
PS8, Line 42:         <tr>
            :           <th>Queue Size</th>
            :           <th>Idle threads</th>
            :           <th>Maximum Queue Size</th>
            :           <th>RPCs rejected due to queue overflow</th>
            :         </tr>
            :         <tr>
            :           <td id="{{service_name}}_queue_size">{{queue_size}}</td>
            :           <td 
            :           <td 
            :           </td>
            :           <td 
            :         </tr>
> Would specifying a colspan for these guys align them better?
I couldn't find a way to make it look nicer using colspan but putting in 
another layer of tables seems to have improved it.

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