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Change subject: IMPALA-5564: Release lock during planning. (wip)

Patch Set 1:

Took me a long time to get back to this, but I'm looking at it again.

The queries show up fine in CM. Things like "Query Type" still say N/A, but 
that makes sense. Important things like user and so on show up fine.

Cancellation, however, is tricky. If we do nothing, cancellation will fail with 
"Query not yet running." For Dan, this may be a trip down memory lane 
(IMPALA-1178, "fix Impalad crashes during query cancellation", commit 
f18646286f49a06103f863bbae6f4dd61d10f1eb). In short, we plan the query first, 
and then mark it "inflight" only later. Because there are races if you cancel a 
query while it's still setting itself up, we refuse to do the cancellation.

I can change Cancel() to either actually Cancel() (if the query is in flight) 
or to say "should be cancelled later" and do the actual cancellation later, 
perhaps at ImpalaServer::SetQueryInflight. This approach also opens the door to 
cancelling queries during planning. For example, it's possible that while the 
analyzer is waiting for the catalog/statestore for schema information, it could 
see if it should abort.

The downside is that this further complicates an already complicated state 
machine. client-request-state has is_cancelled_, query_state_, eos_ already, 
and that's not including the session.

For the user, this would mean that a cancelled query still exists for a while, 
until we get around to noticing that it needs to be taken down. I think that's 
already true.

Dan, do you think the "mark_for_cancellation" approach is a good direction?


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