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Change subject: IMPALA-5886 & IMPALA-4812 Update script to handle 
exit_code for EE tests when no tests are collected.After this change 
return_code will be either 0 if no tests are expected to be collected (dry-run) 
and 1 if tests are expected to be collected

Patch Set 4:

File tests/
PS4, Line 65: class TestStatisticsPlugin:
> Use 2 spaces to follow Impala Python convention.
I see what you are saying. But the other classes (Class Testexecutor) in  don't follow the 2 spaces convention.

What would you recommend ?
PS4, Line 71: # items represents the list of collected test items
> Use Python's docstring comment instead.
PS4, Line 87:
> Remove extra new line.
PS4, Line 96:     if "--collect-only" in args:
> In general, we use single quotes for strings in Python.
PS4, Line 100:     if exit_code == 5:
> Some documentation on what exit_code 5 means?
PS4, Line 240:     collect_mode = True
> I don't see where collect_mode is declared or used.
Yes...It is not needed. It is from some debugging I was doing. removed now
PS4, Line 243:   if '--collect-only' not in sys.argv:
> Isn't it just an else statement for the if statement in line: 239?
you are right...fixed it now

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