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Change subject: IMPALA-5931: Generates scan ranges in planner for s3/adls

Patch Set 11:

File common/thrift/PlanNodes.thrift:
PS11, Line 206: Hdfs
> I wonder if we should just drop Hdfs from this name given that this is used
yeah, I just extended the current naming. its a good point to change it so I'll 
do that since I don't see a good reason now to carry along the current naming.
PS11, Line 228: 4: optional THdfsFileSplitGeneratorSpec 
> Isn't it that the frontend generates either a list of (concrete) scan range
we currently put all scan ranges from all partitions into the same list. 
partitions may differ in their file system, so from the hdfs scan node's 
perspective, it needs to create a list that can have a mix of concrete and 
generated ranges.

we'd like to handle both cases uniformly (see L205) so doing it this way in 
this change does the least damage to the part that is not changed (concrete 
hdfs scan ranges).

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