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Change subject: IMPALA-2195: Improper handling of comments in queries

Patch Set 3:

File shell/
PS3, Line 1279:     line = 
> That was my initial attempt but then I realized it won't work because of th
Right. Currently, if you see the web UI of the running/completed queries, it 
includes the query stmt, along with the leading comments. While we are not sure 
how many users actually rely on the comment data, my thinking is that it helps 
set the context in complex workflows involving huge queries, as users typically 
include some description about what the query is about.

Not sure if others have a different opinion on this.
PS3, Line 1285:   def strip_trailing_comment(sql):
> In other places, we strip all comments from the whole line. For this partic
Yea, a totally stripped query can also help deduce the "query type". Like you 
mentioned in your previous comment, it requires changes in other places. 
Basically, we don't want to overwrite the 'line' itself, but keep a copy.

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