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Change subject: IMPALA-6929: Support multi-column range partitions for Kudu

IMPALA-6929: Support multi-column range partitions for Kudu

Kudu allows specifying range partitions over multiple columns. Impala
already has support for doing this when the partitions are specified
with '=', but if the partitions are specified with '<' or '<=', the
parser would return an error.

This patch modifies the parser to allow for creating Kudu tables like:
create table kudu_test (a int, b int, primary key(a, b))
  partition by range(a, b) (partition (0, 0) <= values < (1, 1));
and similary to alter partitions like:
alter table kudu_test add range partition (1, 1) <= values < (2, 2);

- Modified functional_kudu.jointbl's schema so that we have a table
  in functional with a multi-column range partition to test things
- Added FE and E2E tests for CREATE and ALTER.

Change-Id: I0141dd3344a4f22b186f513b7406f286668ef1e7
Reviewed-by: Impala Public Jenkins <>
Tested-by: Impala Public Jenkins <>
M fe/src/main/cup/sql-parser.cup
M fe/src/main/java/org/apache/impala/analysis/
M fe/src/test/java/org/apache/impala/analysis/
M testdata/datasets/functional/functional_schema_template.sql
M testdata/workloads/functional-planner/queries/PlannerTest/kudu.test
M testdata/workloads/functional-query/queries/QueryTest/kudu_alter.test
6 files changed, 115 insertions(+), 33 deletions(-)

  Impala Public Jenkins: Looks good to me, approved; Verified

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