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Change subject: IMPALA-8842 part 1: Accommodate HIVE-22046 - Step 2.

Patch Set 4:

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PS4, Line 7: IMPALA-8842 part 1: Accommodate HIVE-22046 - Step 2
> nit: I would prefer something more descriptive like "(Hive3) Use 'engine' f
PS4, Line 7: part 1
> What does part 1 mean? Will there be additional changes after part 1 step 4
This is step 2 in a series of steps that involves both Hive and Impala.

IMPALA-8842 covers the Impala related steps, that is: step 2 and step 4.

so step 2 is part 1 of IMPALA-8842, while step 4 will be part 2.

If you think this is too confusing, I could remove "part 1" from the summary. 
Or maybe I should remove "Step 2" from the end of the summary line?
PS4, Line 40:
> About testing: there were EE tests in
So far only step 1 has been merged in on the Hive side:

"New APIs will simply call old existing methods so there should not be any 
change of functionality there."

Since there's no new functionality, no new tests are needed. I'll add E2E tests 
in Step 4.

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