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Change subject: IMPALA-8842 part 1: (Hive3) Use 'engine' field in HMS stat API

Patch Set 7:

Commit Message:
PS7, Line 14: This change is Step 2 in a series of steps to coordinate the
            : introduction of HMS API changes to Hive3 and Impala. Step 4 is 
            : Impala related, it will be covered in IMPALA-8842 part 2.
            : The steps are as follows:
            : 1. Change in Hive3.
            : We push new APIs so Impala can use them. New APIs will simply 
call old
            : existing methods so there should not be any change of 
            : there. Since there were many incompatible changes, new APIs are 
            : method_name_V2.
            : 2. Change in Impala.
            : Push changes to use new methods *V2.
            : 3. Change in Hive3.
            : Push patch with complete functionality. *V2 methods contains the 
            : logic. The old existing methods are not used anymore by Impala at 
            : point, hence they can be removed. For every method_name_V2, I will
            : create a corresponding method method_name that calls the former 
            : 4. Change in Impala
            : Replace *V2 calls by *.
            : 5. Change in Hive3.
            : Remove *V2 methods from API
> I am not sure why we need this in the commit message. The commit message sh
I recorded the steps in the commit msg because I wanted to explain why we need 
to break IMPALA-8842 down to part 1 and part2.
File shaded-deps/pom.xml:
PS7, Line 43: <exclusions>
            :         <exclusion>
            :           <groupId>org.apache.hive.shims</groupId>
            :           <artifactId>hive-shims-0.20</artifactId>
            :         </exclusion>
            :       </exclusions>
> Is there a particular reason why this needs to be excluded for this patch?
This is mentioned briefly in the Commit Message.

hive-shims-0.20 brings in Hadoop2 dependencies which will break the Impala 

This is a workaround to avoid build failures until we find a way to stop 
Hadoop2 dependencies from leaking out.

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