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Change subject: IMPALA-2013: Reintroduce steps for checking HBase health in 

IMPALA-2013: Reintroduce steps for checking HBase health in run-hbase.sh

We used to include a step in run-hbase.sh for calling a python
script that queried Zookeeper to see if the HBase master was up.
The original script was problematic, so we stopped using it during
our mini-cluster HBase start up procedure.

HBase start up issues continue to plague us, however. This patch
reintroduces a Zookeeper check, with the following updates:

- replace the original script with check-hbase-nodes.py
- query the correct node /hbase/master, not just /hbase/rs
- use the python Zookeeper library kazoo, rather than calling
  out to the shell and parsing the return string
- since we are moving toward testing on a remote cluster, also
  add the capability to pass in the address for the host that
  provides the Zookeeper and HBase services
- add an additional check that the HDFS service is running,
  because of an edge case where the HBase master can briefly
  start without a cluster running.

In addition to the expected tests, this script was also tested
under the conditions of IMPALA-4088, whereby the HBase RegionServer
is running, but the master fails because another listening process
has already taken its TCP port (60010) during startup.

Change-Id: I9b81f3cfb6ea0ba7b18ce5fcd5d268f515c8b0c3
M infra/python/deps/requirements.txt
A testdata/bin/check-hbase-nodes.py
M testdata/bin/run-hbase.sh
D testdata/bin/wait-for-hbase-master.py
4 files changed, 154 insertions(+), 59 deletions(-)

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