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Change subject: IMPALA-3980: qgen: re-enable Hive as a target database

Patch Set 3:

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PS2, Line 7: IMPALA-3980: qgen: re-enable Hive as a target database
> I prefer commit messages that, after the bug, speak of the code section cha

PS2, Line 19: * Hive integration tested locally by invoking the data generator 
via the command:
            : ./ \
            : --db-name=functional \
            : --use-hive \
            : --min-row-count=50 \
> While it makes the commit message have more lines, it is more readable to w
File tests/comparison/

PS2, Line 150:   group.add_argument('--hive-host', default=DEFAULT_HIVE_HOST,
             :       help="The name of the host running the HS2")
             :   group.add_argument("--hive-port", default=DEFAULT_HIVE_PORT, 
             :       help="The port of HiveServer2")
> Why not derive these defaults from symbols imported from (The c
File tests/comparison/

PS2, Line 166: class MiniCluster(Cluster):
> This changes the MiniCluster constructor interface for all callers. It also

PS2, Line 178:   def _init_local_hadoop_conf_dir(self):
> Thanks for doing the cleanups like this one.
No problem! It makes the code a lot easier to run locally.
File tests/comparison/

PS2, Line 101:   def populate_db(self, table_count, postgresql_conn=None, 
> We don't use variable names of the format "isHive" typically, so can you ch

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