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Change subject: IMPALA-1670,IMPALA-4141: Support multiple partitions in ALTER 

Patch Set 12:


File fe/src/main/java/com/cloudera/impala/service/CatalogOpExecutor.java:

PS12, Line 1635: add partitions not yet in catalog cache and HMS to HMS
That is not a conflict resolution process, this is expected to happen by 
default. You may want to focus on the special cases here:
1. partition exists in cache, ignore
2. partition exists in HMS but not in cache, reload partition from HMS
Also remove the comment about HDFS caching, it's not part of resolving 
conflicts, it's the expected behavior, no?

PS12, Line 1657: spec

Line 1683: 
Here you may want to add a brief comment explaining that if if_not_exists is 
true, we may fail to add all the partitions to HMS because some of them may 
already exist there. So, we need to load in the catalog the partitions that 
already exist in HMS but aren't in the catalog.

PS12, Line 1685: addedHmsPartitions
How do you know that the order of the partitions as returned by the 
add_partitions call is the same as the order of the partitions and their 
associated cache op specified it in L1668? You can keep the map that you 
initially had, my original comment was that you don't need to populate it with 
all the partitions, just with those that have a cache op specified.

PS12, Line 1718: hmsPartitions

Line 1720:     Map<List<String>, Partition> addedPartitionMap =
Add a preconditions check that hmsPartitions.size() > addedHmsPartitions.size().

PS12, Line 1726:  p
nit: Plz refrain from using short names for variables that show up several 
statements away from the place they are defined. For example, using 'ap' in 
L1722 is ok.

PS12, Line 1746: Store

PS12, Line 1747: 'partitionCachingOpMap' maps lists of partition values to 
their corresponding
               :    * HDFS caching ops.
Comment is not up-to-date.

PS12, Line 1758: cacheHmsPartitions
maybe rename to 'hmsPartitionsToCache'?

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