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Change subject: IMPALA-3902: Scheduler improvements for running multiple 
fragment instances on a single backend

Patch Set 12:


Re: testing:
I think a stress test run would be very helpful.
How are the new Mt paths exercised?
File be/src/runtime/

PS10, Line 294: boost
> a complete overhaul of is out of scope.
Sure, I just figured it'd be nice to clean up if it were easy.

PS10, Line 2083: rorLogMap merged;
> yes
can you mention that? It's hard to keep track of all the TODOs, it'll make it a 
bit easier when we come back to fix some of this.
File be/src/scheduling/query-schedule.h:

PS10, Line 90:  shared across fragment instances
> not sure what you mean.
This owns the vector of fragment instance exec params, so I think it's 
confusing that this is defined as the parameters _shared across frag instances_.

How about something like:
"Execution parameters for the fragment; Includes parameters that are shared 
across fragment instances and owns the per-instance FInstanceExecParams."?
File be/src/scheduling/query-schedule.h:

Line 192:   /// Map node ids to the index of their node inside their plan.nodes 
TODO-MT: remove, only needed on the ST path

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