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Change subject: IMPALA-3902: Scheduler improvements for running multiple 
fragment instances on a single backend

Patch Set 14:


I think it would be good to have Alex review Frontend.java again - he said it 
looked good overall in PS3 so hopefully there won't be many comments.

File be/src/scheduling/query-resource-mgr.cc:

Line 1: // Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one
Remove this file.

File be/src/scheduling/query-resource-mgr.h:

Line 1: // Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one
Did your rebase go wrong? This file should be removed.

File be/src/scheduling/query-schedule.cc:

PS12, Line 68: if (plan_node_to_fragment_idx_.size() < node.node_id + 1) {
             :             plan_node_to_fragment_idx_.resize(node.node_id + 1);
             :             plan_node_to_plan_node_idx_.resize(node.node_id + 1);
             :           }
I think you can find the max node ID in InitMtFragmentExecParams if you also 
loop over the plan nodes there. That seems better than all this conditional 
resizing, which is confusing to read.

PS12, Line 105: std
remove std::

File be/src/scheduling/query-schedule.h:

PS12, Line 184: Returns next instance id. Instance ids are consecutive numbers 
generated from
              :   /// the query id.
shouldn't that be the opposite? Start at 0 if there's a coordinator fragment.

Might be better reworded as "The coordinator fragment instance, if there is 
one, has ID 0, all other fragment instances start from 1."

PS12, Line 278: 
what's 'static info'?

File be/src/service/fragment-mgr.cc:

PS14, Line 23: #include <iomanip>
not needed (see below), remove

PS14, Line 42: << hex << exec_params.fragment_instance_ctx.fragment_instance_id 
<< dec
use PrintId().

File be/src/service/impala-server.cc:

Line 848:   random_generator uuid_generator;
remove this line

PS14, Line 1080: << hex << params.fragment_instance_id
Use PrintId() here instead of hex / dec.

File be/src/service/query-exec-state.cc:

Line 443:   Status status = exec_env_->scheduler()->Schedule(schedule_.get());
Leave a TODO to simplify this as discussed.

File be/src/service/query-options.cc:

Line 398:       case TImpalaQueryOptions::MT_DOP: {
When the patch that added MT_NUM_CORES was committed, I asked to consider a 
mechanism for hiding query options. DId that come to anything? It's unfortunate 
that we're going to commit a query option that (AFAICT) will break clients if 
it's turned on.

File be/src/util/container-util.h:

PS14, Line 79: V* FindOrInsert(std::unordered_map<K,V>* m, const K& key, const 
V& default_val) {
             :   typename std::unordered_map<K,V>::iterator it = m->find(key);
             :   if (it == m->end()) {
             :     it = m->insert(std::make_pair(key, default_val)).first;
             :   }
             :   return &it->second;
             : }
             : template <typename K, typename V>
             : V* FindOrInsert(boost::unordered_map<K,V>* m, const K& key, 
const V& default_val) {
             :   typename boost::unordered_map<K,V>::iterator it = m->find(key);
             :   if (it == m->end()) {
             :     it = m->insert(std::make_pair(key, default_val)).first;
             :   }
             :   return &it->second;
             : }
Just add the map type as a template parameter and remove the other versions of 

File common/thrift/ImpalaInternalService.thrift:

PS14, Line 185: backend
so this is independent of the number of fragment instances for that query on 
that backend?

PS14, Line 333: nd the id of the first fragment instance (the coordinator 
              :   // are identical.
isn't this true now only if there is a coordinator fragment? Reword to make 
that clearer - looks like first fragment instance is always 0 regardless of 
whether there is coord fragment.

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