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Change subject: IMPALA-3980: qgen: re-enable Hive as a target database

IMPALA-3980: qgen: re-enable Hive as a target database


* Added hive cli options back in (removed in commit "Stress test: Various 
* Modifications so that if --use-hive is specified, a Hive connection is 
actually created
* A few minor bug fixes so that the RQG can be run locally
* Modified MiniCluster to use HADOOP_CONF_DIR and HIVE_CONF_DIR rather than a 
file under IMPALA_HOME
* Fixed fe/src/test/resources/hive-default.xml so that it is a valid XML file, 
it was
missing a few element terminators that cause an exception in the cluster.py file


* Hive integration tested locally by invoking the data generator via the 

./data-generator.py \
--db-name=functional \
--use-hive \
--min-row-count=50 \
--max-row-count=100 \
--storage-file-formats textfile \
--use-postgresql \
--postgresql-user stakiar

and the discrepancy checker via the command:

./discrepancy-checker.py \
--db-name=functional \
--use-hive \
--use-postgresql \
--postgresql-user stakiar \
--test-db-type HIVE \
--timeout 300 \
--query-count 50 \
--profile hive

* The output of the above two commands is essentially the same as the Impala 
however, about 20% of the queries will fail when the discrepancy checker is run
* Regression testing done by running Leopard in a local VM running Ubuntu 
14.04, and by
running the discrepancy checker against Impala while inside an Impala Docker 

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M fe/src/test/resources/hive-default.xml
M tests/comparison/cli_options.py
M tests/comparison/cluster.py
M tests/comparison/data_generator.py
M tests/comparison/db_connection.py
5 files changed, 121 insertions(+), 24 deletions(-)

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