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Change subject: IMPALA-4357: Fix DROP TABLE to pass analysis if the table fails 
to load

Patch Set 3:

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The closest JIRA I could find was IMPALA-594, but that's more general than what 
we're really doing here.

Other situations (besides externally dropped from Kudu) that I tested:
- Dropping a table that was externally removed from Hive: the previous version 
of the patch didn't actually work for this situation. I fixed that with the 
change in CatalogOpExecutor.
- Dropping a table when Hive (or Kudu as appropriate) is unreachable, eg. 
because it was killed. Even with the patch, this still doesn't work. Instead of 
getting the AnalysisException you would get previously, you now get an 
ImpalaRuntimeException. I think this is reasonable for now.
- Running a DROP that actually should fail analysis, eg. DROP TABLE on a view 
or vice versa, that now passes analysis due to a transient 
TableLoadingException, eg. HMS is under load and the loading times out, then 
actually does go through to execution - we'll get a CatalogException, which is 
- Dropping a table that fails to load due to unsupported column types, works 
with this patch.
File fe/src/main/java/org/apache/impala/analysis/

Line 100:       }
> We need to add an access event for auditing in this case, because we are in
The one problem here is that if table loading failed, we don't know if its a 
table or a view. I put TCatalogObjectType.UNKNOWN, but that seems less than 

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