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Change subject: KUDU-1311 [master] support adding and dropping range partitions

Patch Set 14:


Looked only at the doxygen comments in client.h file.
File src/kudu/client/client.h:

Line 775:   // Add a range partition to the table with an inclusive lower bound 
For doxygen comments, it's necessary to start one-line comment line with 3 
slashes, not 2.  So, add one extra slash for those lines.

Line 778:   // @note The table alterer takes ownership of the rows. If either 
row is
It's just a matter of formatting, but I would add extra 2 spaces in the 
beginning of every paragraph line except the very first.  The idea is to have 
something more easily readable in the source file, as we have for parameters.

Like this:

/// @note Some text staring the 'note' paragraph.
///   Continuation of the 'note' paragraph.
///   Just another line in the 'note' paragraph.

Not sure whether I kept it throughout the file in my first pass.

Line 780:   // missing a value, the logical minimum value for that column type 
will be
Does 'logical minimum' turns into 'logical maximum' for upper_bound?

Besides, consider removing this paragraph and moving appropriate text into 
comments for every x_bound parameter.

Line 806:   // @note The table alterer takes ownership of the rows. If either 
row is
Ditto: please clarify on 'logical minimum value' for upper_bound and consider 
moving this into comment for every x_bound parameter.

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