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Change subject: catalog_manager: avoid race in InitSysCatalogAsync() and 

catalog_manager: avoid race in InitSysCatalogAsync() and GetTabletPeer()

Commit 2525ad0 took a stab at this, but it doesn't handle the case where
InitSysCatalogAsync() fails and leaves behind sys_catalog_ without a
functional tablet peer, as in the new integration test
MasterReplicationTest.TestMasterPeerSetsDontMatch. So here's another
attempt, where sys_catalog_ is only set when it is fully formed (i.e. when
it has a functional TabletPeer).

It turns out this isn't enough; we also need to prevent ElectedAsLeaderCb
from making progress until InitSysCatalogAsync() sets sys_catalog_. The
extra lock acquisition is hacky in that it doesn't explicitly protect
anything, but it gets the job done.

Below I've included test output when the race hits.

/home/jenkins-slave/workspace/kudu-3/src/kudu/gutil/ref_counted.h:273: T 
*scoped_refptr<kudu::tablet::TabletPeer>::operator->() const [T = 
kudu::tablet::TabletPeer]: Assertion `ptr_ != __null' failed.
*** Aborted at 1471309445 (unix time) try "date -d @1471309445" if you are 
using GNU date ***
PC: @     0x7f330225dcc9 gsignal
*** SIGABRT (@0x3e800006e90) received by PID 28304 (TID 0x7f32f06eb700) from 
PID 28304; stack trace: ***
    @           0x42e687 __tsan::CallUserSignalHandler() at 
    @           0x42f4d3 rtl_sigaction() at 
    @     0x7f33090a4340 (unknown) at ??:0
    @     0x7f330225dcc9 gsignal at ??:0
    @     0x7f33022610d8 abort at ??:0
    @     0x7f3302256b86 (unknown) at ??:0
    @     0x7f3302256c32 __assert_fail at ??:0
    @     0x7f330ca13130 scoped_refptr<>::operator->() at ??:0
    @     0x7f330ca1a952 kudu::master::SysCatalogTable::tablet_id() at ??:0
    @     0x7f330ca0b136 kudu::master::CatalogManager::GetTabletPeer() at ??:0
    @     0x7f330c69214d kudu::tserver::(anonymous 
namespace)::LookupTabletPeerOrRespond<>() at ??:0
    @     0x7f330c691bab 
kudu::tserver::ConsensusServiceImpl::RequestConsensusVote() at ??:0
    @     0x7f3307c9fca5 
kudu::consensus::ConsensusServiceIf::ConsensusServiceIf()::$_1::operator()() at 
    @     0x7f3307c9fabf std::_Function_handler<>::_M_invoke() at ??:0
    @     0x7f3306bd7219 std::function<>::operator()() at ??:0
    @     0x7f3306bd6c8e kudu::rpc::GeneratedServiceIf::Handle() at ??:0
    @     0x7f3306bd8b3e kudu::rpc::ServicePool::RunThread() at ??:0
    @     0x7f3306bdaa27 boost::_mfi::mf0<>::operator()() at ??:0
    @     0x7f3306bda98b boost::_bi::list1<>::operator()<>() at ??:0
    @     0x7f3306bda934 boost::_bi::bind_t<>::operator()() at ??:0
    @     0x7f3306bda75a 
boost::detail::function::void_function_obj_invoker0<>::invoke() at ??:0
    @     0x7f3306b758b2 boost::function0<>::operator()() at ??:0
    @     0x7f3304962630 kudu::Thread::SuperviseThread() at ??:0

Change-Id: I43fdc6499cb84d2053bed08b689fe5a08a6761d6
M src/kudu/master/catalog_manager.cc
1 file changed, 12 insertions(+), 6 deletions(-)

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