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Change subject: Add weekly update for 8/16

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File _posts/

Line 24: ## Development discussions and code in progress
> A couple other things come to mind (since it was such a busy week):
Added the AUTO_FLUSH_BACKGROUND bit, but didn't do the bug fixes -- there's 
already a lot of content in this post and figured that if people want to track 
every bug fix they should follow the reviews mailing list directly

(in slow weeks I do write bullet points for bugs, but here we've got so much 
content already)

PS1, Line 55: which
> s/which with/with which/ ?

Line 56:   For example, the a new tool he has built for dumping peer 
identifiers from a tablet's
> Typo: 'the a new tool'.  Probably, it should have been 'the new tool'.

Line 57:   consensus metadata is triggered using 'kudu tablet cmeta 
> It's not clear in gerrit, but is it possible that the first backtick here i

Line 65:   ["exactly-once" semantics]( 
for write operations.
> Can we confirm if this is the right gerrit link for this feature ? It appea
I linked to the design doc, since the feature itself is spread across 10-20 

Line 72: * Mike Percy picked back up working on garbage collection of [past 
versions of
> Nit: maybe "resumed" instead of "picked back up"?

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