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Change subject: new range partitioning features blog post

Patch Set 1:


I mostly proofread for style.
File _posts/

Line 14: Since Kudu's initial release way back with version 0.5, tables have 
had the
"Since Kudu's initial release, tables..."

Line 15: constraint that once created, a table's partitioning and tablets are 
static. The
"table's partitioning and tablets" is odd. Aren't tables partitioned into 
tablets? So aren't they kind of one and the same?

Line 16: range partitions that the table is created with are permanent, and can 
not be
Perhaps join this sentence to the previous one with a semi-colon and reword as 
"that is, a table's range partitions are permanent and cannot be changed".

Line 19: other partitions. In order to support adding and dropping range 
partitions, we
"To support..., we removed an even more fundamental range partition 

PS1, Line 31: time
            : series
Here you're calling it "time series", not "timeseries". I don't have a 
preference but could you use the same term throughout?

PS1, Line 32: to range partition a
            : table
Maybe "to partition a table by range on..."

Line 42: Now that tables are no longer forced to have range partitions cover 
all possible
"Now that tables must no longer cover all possible rows". Hmm, that's not great 
either. Can you reword?

PS1, Line 45: keep on

PS1, Line 46: the hotspotting problem
I assume you're referring to the "This is a big problem for timeseries data" 
above. If so, perhaps you can introduce the term "hotspotting problem" up 
there, to help when you refer to it here?

PS1, Line 48: old range partitions for time periods which are no longer needed
            : can be efficiently deleted by dropping the entire range partition.
There's singular/plural confusion here. Perhaps "an old range partition for a 
time period that is no longer needed can be efficiently deleted by dropping the 
entire range partition"? Still seems a little verbose, maybe you can reword 

PS1, Line 56: mixed

PS1, Line 57: make up

PS1, Line 58: hash hash

PS1, Line 58: droping

PS1, Line 59: adding or dropping a tablet per hash bucket.
"the addition or removal of one tablet per hash bucket."

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