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Change subject: KUDU-1571. Generate "deprecated" metrics in MDL

KUDU-1571. Generate "deprecated" metrics in MDL

This checks in the "--dump_metrics_json" output from already-released
versions, and changes the script so that any metrics
which were ever present in an earlier version are carried through to the
current version of the MDL, but marked as deprecated.

This works around an issue in which Cloudera Manager doesn't properly
handle the removal of metrics. Namely, if a dashboard (user-generated or
built-in) references a removed metric, it will produce an NPE.

This will now become part of the release process: after a release, we
should check in the output of 'dump_metrics_json' so that the metrics in
that release will be carried forward.

I verified the results using both the newly included
'check_csd_compatibility' script as well as installing a newly built
0.10.x CSD on a cluster. Whereas the tablet server status page was
previously broken, now it shows the remote bootstrap metrics as

Change-Id: I121203d781ab593cb94d7248d164cdad7bf26e78
Tested-by: Kudu Jenkins
Reviewed-by: Mike Percy <>
(cherry picked from commit 062996ad7d1c3aa90cd9ea5ec11b73dc17e085d6)
M build-support/release/rat_exclude_files.txt
A java/kudu-csd/
M java/kudu-csd/
A java/kudu-csd/old-version-metrics/0.10.0-master.json
A java/kudu-csd/old-version-metrics/0.10.0-tserver.json
A java/kudu-csd/old-version-metrics/0.9.1-master.json
A java/kudu-csd/old-version-metrics/0.9.1-tserver.json
7 files changed, 4,831 insertions(+), 17 deletions(-)

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