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Change subject: docs: update installation with new OS support

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Line 10: 1. The SLES 12, Jessie, and Xenial Cloudera repo files contain 
> nit: could you make the lines in the detailed description to be less than 7
I admire your persistence, but I think you're fighting an uphill battle. We've 
been pretty consistently wrapping commit messages to 76 chars, or even 80.

But, I can be convinced. What's the advantage of wrapping to 72?
File docs/installation.adoc:

PS1, Line 43: When using replication, a minimum of
            : three masters is necessary.
> I think we should explicitly recommend three or five. People might think it

Line 113: provide the operating system commands to start and stop Kudu.
> Nit: consider 'These packages provide configuration files along with init.d
Bear in mind this is upstream documentation so we should mention CM only in 

PS1, Line 115: O
> O --> o ?  I.e., why is the capital 'o' letter?  And in other places with t
No idea, I didn't write it. Will make the change.

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