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Change subject: Cleanup/refactor tracking of consensus watermarks

Patch Set 4:


File src/kudu/consensus/consensus_queue-test.cc:

Line 311:   ASSERT_EQ(queue_->GetMajorityReplicatedIndexForTests(), 0);
> I disagree in this case, since it's obvious what the numeric constant is re

File src/kudu/consensus/consensus_queue.cc:

Line 137:   // TODO: reset first_index_in_term? make it optional, reset here 
and set on the
> hrm, having some trouble with this TODO actually. Trying to clean up the wa
sounds reasonable

Line 447:       // TODO: why is this only if successful? shouldn't we still use
> added this TODO in this patch but I think it's a pre-existing issue. Any th
would have into the history to remind myself why this is here, but I seem to 
recall this being an important thing

Line 499:   boost::optional<int64_t> updated_commit_index;
> given we already use boost::optional pretty often elsewhere, I dont think t

Line 636:     // If we're the leader, we are in charge of computing the new
> hrm, why do you say we might not be the leader? We're still inside the lock
queue is decoupled from state so isn't it possible that we lost an election but 
the queue doesn't know about it yet (i.e. that the call to change the queue's 
mode is queued behind this thread competing for the lock?

File src/kudu/consensus/raft_consensus.cc:

Line 1267:   // TODO: interrogate queue rather than state?
> trying to reduce the amount of duplication of responsibility (ideally could
that makes sense in general, though I'm not totally sure what it looks like

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