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Line 7: docs: workflow for master migration
A question: will this (or something like this) work to migrate, say, from 3 
master configuration to 5 master configuration?  If yes and it's verified that 
it works, consider mentioning this in the document.  Or may be it should be a 
separate document?
File docs/administration.adoc:

Line 251: . Shut down the entire cluster.
Does it mean shutting down the machines or just Kudu processes?  If the latter, 
consider changing to 'Gracefully shut down Kudu processes on the entire 

Besides, I would consider disabling Kudu services (kudu-master and 
kudu-tserver) for the span of the migration procedure.  The reason is to make 
sure the processes are not to start automatically in case of spurious rebooting 
of machines before the procedure is completed.

PS1, Line 264:  
Nit: an extra space.

PS1, Line 264: DNS cnames
Nit: DNS names.  Those could be A records, right?

Line 284: . Start the existing master.
If recommending disabling Kudu services, then 'Enable and start ...'

Line 301: . Start all of the new masters.
If recommending disabling Kudu services, then 'Enable and start ...'

Line 311: . Start all of the tablet servers.
If recommending disabling Kudu services, then 'Enable and start ...'

Line 314: are working properly, consider performing the following sanity checks:
> Obviously there are a lot of ways that this workflow could be botched. But,
Is there a way to list existing masters in the system and  status of each?  If 
yes, it might make sense to check that the desired and the actual lists match.

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