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Change subject: [c++ client] AUTO_FLUSH_BACKGROUND optimizations

[c++ client] AUTO_FLUSH_BACKGROUND optimizations

Some optimizations after initial performance testing of the
Kudu C++ client library with AUTO_FLUSH_BACKGROUND flush mode support.

The most important tuning is the default flush watermark
for the mutation buffer.  Chaning it from 80% to 50% gave good
performance boost.

The data below is for workloads of 8M rows like
(int64, int32, string, string, int) where strings are about 32 bytes
long in average.  Each thread ran its own single-session KuduClient,
where each session was running in AUTO_FLUSH_BACKGROUND flush mode.

1-thread insertion (8M rows per thread)
  80% watermark:
    total  : 35229.7 ms
    per row: 0.00440372 ms

  50% watermark:
    total  : 22562.8 ms
    per row: 0.00282035 ms

2-thread insertion (4M rows per thread)
  80% watermark:
    total  : 19683.6 ms
    per row: 0.00246046 ms

  50% watermark:
    total  : 12931.8 ms
    per row: 0.00161647 ms

4-thread insertion (2M rows per thread)
  80% watermark:
    total  : 11941.9 ms
    per row: 0.00149274 ms

  50% watermark:
    total  : 7724.68 ms
    per row: 0.000965585 ms

Other related session parameters:
  mutation buffer size:       7M       (default)
  maximum number of batchers: 2        (default)
  time-based flush interval:  1 second (default)

The tests were run at against binaries
built in release configuration at the same machine.

Change-Id: I1f0aa6d02c51bb063498709e8570e8c7214a31a0
M src/kudu/client/
M src/kudu/client/batcher.h
M src/kudu/client/
M src/kudu/client/
4 files changed, 9 insertions(+), 12 deletions(-)

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