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Change subject: Add AvroKuduEventProducer to Kudu-Flume integration

Patch Set 6:


Found a few more test nits. I think this is nearly ready to commit now.

File java/kudu-flume-sink/pom.xml:

Line 82:                 
this should not be in src/main it should be in src/test since this is only used 
in the test module.

In fact, that is the default for the generate-test-sources goal and you should 
be able to leave off the configuration section completely from here. I just 
tested this and it's true, you can remove this section.

Line 85:               </execution>
nit: this line should be un-indented by 2 spaces

File java/kudu-flume-sink/src/test/avro/testAvroEventProducer.avsc:

Line 5:     {"name": "key", "type": "int"},
I don't think we should name these fields with names that match types exactly. 
It makes the generated Avro method names a bit weird, and people reading the 
tests might be a little confused.

Instread of "long", how about 
"longField" or something? Instead of "null", how about "nullableStringField"?


* key (this is alright, or intKey)
* longField
* doubleField
* nullableStringField
* stringField


Line 136:       assertTrue("incorrect status for empty channel", status == 
assertEquals("incorrect status for empty channel", status, Sink.Status.BACKOFF);

Line 138:       assertTrue("incorrect status for non-empty channel", status != 
assertEquals("incorrect status for non-empty channel", status, 

Line 148:     ArrayList<ColumnSchema> columns = new ArrayList<>(3);
nit: initial capacity should be 5

Line 179:       record.setLong$(2L * i);
See my comments about this $ syntax in the .avsc file -- let's just rename 
these fields not to conflict with type names.

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