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Change subject: docs: workflow for master migration

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File docs/administration.adoc:

Line 236:   recovering from permanent master failures greatly, and is highly 
recommended. The alias should be
> To clarify, is your question "how does it simplify recovering from permanen
My "how" referred to "How is the user supposed to do this. What is the goal and 
steps". Someone with no context won't know how or why this "simplifies 
recovering from permanent master failures greatly". It just seems like, with 
the removal of the "complex and distracting" explanation you settled on 
something that is worse than not having anything at all.
I don't feel strongly about a particular route (between: full explanation, 
pointing to the design doc or removing it altogether) just find that leaving 
just this is confusing.

Line 241:   colocated with other services, though not with another master from 
the same configuration.
what other services? Are we advising that people co-locate the master with a 
tablet server? make that clear.

Line 244: * Identify and record the directory where the master's data will live.
> I wanted "record" in there to make it clear that the choice being made need
IMO identify leans more towards "finding the identity" of something vs 
"choosing the identity" of something. Breaking that symmetry is exactly my 
point since above it's the former case and here it's the latter

Line 314: are working properly, consider performing the following sanity checks:
> Is there a way to list existing masters in the system and  status of each? 
Yeah, that would me my suggestion too. First the user should make sure that the 
system state is the expected one and then yes, try it. Maybe point to a tool 
(like ksck) that also does scans as scanning usually requires writing code and 
we wouldn't want an admin to have to write custom code to make sure the 
migration worked.

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