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Change subject: Cleanup/refactor tracking of consensus watermarks

Patch Set 5:

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Line 45: The new design makes the PeerMessageQueue itself fully responsible for
> Can you please provide the equivalent diagram for the new design, or add it

Line 47: invasive surgery because the PeerMessageQueue itself doesn't remember
> hmm, it is a bug that the peer message queue doesn't "remember" the terms o
nah, they aren't important for the logic of raft (note that the "volatile state 
on leaders" described in the raft paper is all index-based)

Line 51: This is itself also a simplification -- we previously were very messy
> TBH I would rather have this change split out from the rest of the patch, s
yea it's quite difficult to separate the two, sorry
File src/kudu/consensus/

Line 447:   // following:
> would have into the history to remind myself why this is here, but I seem t
OK, I'll leave this TODO here and maybe we can try removing the if() later. It 
seems to me removing it might be beneficial in a case like:

- local peer has replicated opid 100
- remote peer A has replicated opid 100
- remote peer B has replication opid 10 and is catching up
- then remote peer 'A' goes down

Here we'd start getting 'is_last_exchange_successful == false' for peer 'A'. In 
that case, the 'all_replicated_watermark', which requires 3 peers, would not be 
updateable, even once we've replicated peer 'B' up to opid 100. It would get 
"stuck" at 10.

I added this scenario to the TODO comment.

Line 636:     }
> queue is decoupled from state so isn't it possible that we lost an election
added a comment, hopefully sorts it out
File src/kudu/consensus/

Line 261:       // TODO: this code seems wrong. When we are leader, we've 
already bumped
> seems wrong to me too...
planning on reworking this a bit, so that the leader term change is set more 

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