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Change subject: KUDU-1593 - [python] Allow to set the number of replicas per 
tablet at table creation time

Patch Set 2:

File python/kudu/tests/

Line 114: 
> I don't think we need to test this, though I'm curious: where did you get t
I removed the test, the thought was that we could ensure that proper error 
handling was in place when the number of replicas exceeded the number of 
tservers.  As for the number, since the number of tservers in the test could be 
changed, I wanted to be sure that this test would pass regardless of how many 
tservers are configured, so I chose the max value for a signed 16 bit int.
File python/kudu/tests/

Line 98:         name = "no_replica_table"
> final nit: could you iterate and create tables with 1,3 and 5 replicas (jus
Since the test is setup up for 3 tservers today, if its ever 
increased/decreased, having this set to 1 will always effectively test this, 
no?  If its decreased to 1, there would be no test to be had really since you 
cant got any lower.

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