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Change subject: tool: port kudu-fs_dump, remove kudu-fs_list

Patch Set 5:

File docs/release_notes.adoc:

PS5, Line 49: - The `cfile-dump` tool has been removed. The same functionality 
is now
            :   implemented as `kudu fs cfile_dump`.
Update this.

PS5, Line 58: The `kudu-fs_list` tool has been removed as it was replicating 
most of the
            :   functionalities already available under 'kudu fs dump'.
This should be reworded now that some functionality was preserved, right?
File src/kudu/tools/

Line 202:     const vector<string> kFsDumpModeRegexes = {
Need to add uuid to this list.

PS5, Line 501:   const string kTestTablet = "test-tablet";
             :   const string kTestTable = "test-table";
Nit: can you add "Id" as a suffix to these variable names, so it's clear that 
it's a table ID (as opposed to the table name, below)?

In the other new tests too.

PS5, Line 517:   string fs_paths = Substitute("--fs_wal_dir=$0 
             :                                kTestDir, kTestDir);
Nit: not sure what this partial substitution buys you; fs_paths is only used in 
one place here and in the next test.

Line 534:   StripWhiteSpace(&debug_str);
What whitespace is being stripped here?

PS5, Line 568: std::ostringstream
Nit: add this to using statements at the top of the file. Should also add the 
right include too.

Line 570:   ASSERT_STR_MATCHES(stdout, tree_out.str());
We can't do ASSERT_EQ() here?

Line 582:   unique_ptr<TabletHarness> harness(new TabletHarness(kSchemaWithIds, 
Can't we just declare the TabletHarness on the stack and avoid the unique_ptr?

Line 583:   CHECK_OK(harness->Create(true));
These CHECK_OK() statements should be ASSERT_OK() instead. CHECK_OK() is only 
needed when being called on a separate thread in a unit test (here we're on the 
main thread).

PS5, Line 587:   gscoped_ptr<LocalTabletWriter> writer(
             :       new LocalTabletWriter(harness->tablet().get(), &kSchema));
             :   gscoped_ptr<KuduPartialRow> row(new 
Likewise, can't we declare these on the stack?

PS5, Line 606:     vector<string> rows = strings::Split(stdout, "\n", 
Why not use RunActionStdoutLines to get this?

PS5, Line 621:     if (stdout.find("No rowsets found") == string::npos) {
AFAICT this test is deterministic, so will we get "No rowsets found" or not? 
Given that the bulk of the interesting testing is when we don't get that error, 
we should do whatever we need to do up-front (i.e. write more data, or flush, 
or whatever) so that we can convert this into an ASSERT instead.

Below too.
File src/kudu/tools/tool_action_common.h:

Line 63: class FsTool {
My mistake, I wasn't clear when I asked you to remove fs_tool. I didn't mean 
"move FsTool from the fs_tool.* code files into tool_action.*"; I meant "remove 
the FsTool abstraction altogether and replace it with stateless functions".

Given the simplicity of what we're trying to do, I don't think the abstraction 
buys us anything, and I'd like to use this opportunity (of writing a new tool) 
to get rid of old abstractions and assumptions.
File src/kudu/tools/

PS5, Line 138: Print
Nit: Change to "Dump" to be consistent with other dump actions.
File src/kudu/tools/

Line 19: #include "kudu/tools/tool_action_common.h"
This actually belongs where it was previously. The top-most include is reserved 
for the primary header of this compilation unit.

for details.

PS5, Line 331: dump_wals
When you add a dump submode, move this into it too.

PS5, Line 343: list_blocks
How about "dump_block_ids"? Then you can add it to a dump submode, rename the 
associated function "DumpTabletBlockIds", and change the description to "Dump 
the IDs of all blocks belonging to a tablet".

Line 351:       ActionBuilder("list_tablets", &ListAllTablets)
Nit: let's just call this one "list", because "kudu tablet list" makes 
intuitive sense.

PS5, Line 385: tablet
Nit: "of a tablet"

Above too.

PS5, Line 385: rowset
Nit: rowset contents

PS5, Line 399:       .AddAction(std::move(list_blocks))
             :       .AddAction(std::move(list_tablets))
             :       .AddAction(std::move(dump_blocks))
             :       .AddAction(std::move(dump_data))
             :       .AddAction(std::move(dump_meta))
             :       .AddAction(std::move(dump_rowset))
How about a 'dump' mode to consolidate? Maybe even a 'list' mode, since "dump 
list ..." is a little weird.

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