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Change subject: Blogpost describing predicate evaluation pushdown

Patch Set 3:

File _posts/

PS3, Line 16: predicate is
Nit: "predicates are" (there can be more than one, after all)

PS3, Line 17: its
What is "its" referring to here? Shouldn't this just be "Kudu's"?

PS3, Line 20: evaluation
This early in the post it's not yet clear what "evaluation" means. Maybe use a 
more verbose explanation, and then explain that you'll refer to that later on 
as "evaluation"?

Maybe it's sufficient to expand "evaluation" to "predicate evaluation".

PS3, Line 50: and the character
            : offsets to the start of each word are stored as a list of integers
What does "word" mean in this context? Not literally "space-separated unit in 
the string", right?

PS3, Line 83: ends
Nit: "end" (plural)

PS3, Line 113: Full
Nit: should be "All" to correspond with the graph.

Line 121: ![png]({{ site.github.url 
}}/img/predicate-pushdown/pushdown-tpch.png){: .img-responsive}
What does "Average Query Batch Time" mean in this graph? Isn't "Average" 
implied, the same way it was implied in "Scan Time" for the other graphs? And 
what does "batch" mean in this context?

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