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Change subject: Blogpost describing predicate evaluation pushdown

Patch Set 4:


Great post.  Well done!
File _posts/

PS4, Line 47: Kudu will
            : automatically switch to _plain encoding_.
Nit: consider using the present tense instead: 'When the vocabulary of a 
dictionary-encoded block gets too large, Kudu automatically switches to plain 

PS4, Line 75: then
Nit: consider dropping 'then'.

PS4, Line 78: checks

PS4, Line 83: ends

PS4, Line 82: when there are too many unique values to fit in a dictionary, 
            : suffers
I'm confused a bit.  From the above, I can see that if there are too many words 
in the vocabulary, then blocks are encoded by plain encoders, right?  So, it's 
supposed to switch into the plain encoding and why to mention non-optimal usage 
of dictionaries here if it's not about to happen at all?

PS4, Line 124: consists
Nit: consider replacing 'consists' with 'includes'.  Then no need for 'of' and 
it's better tied to the second part of the sentence.

PS4, Line 126: query
Nit: 'query performance' or 'querying performance'?

PS4, Line 144:  to 1.0
this looks like a strayed part.

PS4, Line 144:  Top
a Top Level Apache project

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