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Change subject: Blogpost describing predicate evaluation pushdown

Patch Set 4:

File _posts/

PS3, Line 83: ends
> Nit: "end" (plural)

PS3, Line 113: Full
> Nit: should be "All" to correspond with the graph.
File _posts/

PS4, Line 82: when there are too many unique values to fit in a dictionary, 
            : suffers
> Thank you for the explanation.  So, the talk here is about building and mai
I think it might be enough to clarify that the dictionary block switches to 
"plain encoding mode" rather than switching to a plain-encoded block.
Right, this here is referring to building and maintaining the dictionary/bitset 
for the first blocks, and then not using them thereafter, as the dictionary 
blocks would all be "plain encoding mode" blocks that don't utilize the 

PS4, Line 144:  to 1.0
> I would just drop 'to 1.0', but if the original intention was to emphasize 
That's fair. I put this in expecting this to be posted after 1.0, which would 
be another pretty big milestone to note. If that ends up being the case, I 
think I'll leave it.

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