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Change subject: KUDU-1090: relax MemTracker uniqueness constraint

Patch Set 2:

File src/kudu/integration-tests/

Line 128: // any crashes.
> might make more sense to put this in a different test case... this test in 
Will do.

Line 142:       MonoDelta::FromMicroseconds(100));
> maybe you'd hit the race more with a super low value like 1us?
At first I tried 1us and 10 checker threads, but there was too much load and 
cluster.Restart() timed out in 20% of runs. So I raised the poll period to 1ms, 
and now 23/1000 runs fail with the MemTracker error, but I still can't reliably 
repro it locally.

Do you think that's good enough?

Line 154:   work.StopAndJoin();
> might be more fruitful if you set the log rolling threshold to be really lo
AFAICT the number of log segments is orthogonal to the number of times 
tablet::RewindTabletForBootstrap is called (which is just once).

Line 156:   // Restart the cluster. Nothing should crash.
> how about an AssertNoCrashes before the restart, too?
File src/kudu/util/

Line 237:     LOG(FATAL) <<
> should we consider DFATAL here? would it actually cause incorrect behavior 
It would lead to incorrect memory accounting, I think, but maybe that's the 
worst of it.

I'll change to DFATAL and return the first found tracker.

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