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Change subject: [tools] updated insert-generated-rows tool

Patch Set 6:

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 > Would be nice to see a small integration test that runs the tool
 > against a cluster then verifies that it indeed inserted rows. Our
 > CLI tools have a tendency to bit-rot because of the lack of tests;
 > we're trying to change that with the new CLI tool.
 > On that note, what do you think of incorporating this as an action
 > in the new CLI tool? You'll get most of main() for free, but it
 > means this will ship to users. Do you think it'd a useful tool for
 > them?

Good point!  Sure -- I think it's a good idea to provide a means to check that 
the cluster was configured properly and is able to accept some data.  I will 
try to put up a small addition to the CLI tools, as you suggested.
File src/kudu/tools/

Line 116: DEFINE_string(master_address, "localhost:7051",
> Nit: can we change this to master_addresses?
If we are not afraid of braking compatibility with the old version, then yes.

But Todd told me I'm free to break it! :)

Will change.

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