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Change subject: [tools]: Keep the verbosity of CLI at FATAL and above

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File src/kudu/tools/

PS1, Line 215:   // Set the verbosity of the commands to WARNING(2) and above.
             :   // If the user had explicitly specified verbosity, then user's
             :   // verbosity level is honored. Since '--v' depends on 
             :   // specifying either of them on CLI will override this setting.
             :   if 
(google::GetCommandLineFlagInfoOrDie("minloglevel").is_default &&
             :       google::GetCommandLineFlagInfoOrDie("v").is_default) {
             :     google::SetCommandLineOption("minloglevel",
             :   }
> hrm, I disagree with the idea to not log WARNING/ERROR... isn't the whole p
It's difficult to corral INFO (and even WARNING) messages; they can come from 
all over the codebase, and ones that aren't useful in a CLI context may very 
well be useful when you're logging to a file.

My argument against is:
1. It's unusual to see this kind of logging (with timestamps, pid, line 
numbers, etc.) in a UNIX command-line tool, at least not by default
2. The returned Status should describe what went wrong at a high enough level 
that a user can understand what to do next (i.e. retry, give up, remediate this 
other thing first, etc.).
3. Most of the commands are read-only or idempotent, so it's easy to retry with 
--v or --minloglevel 0 to yield more descriptive errors. I'd liken this to my 
workflow with other UNIX tools like git: if I encounter an error and I want 
more information, I rerun the same command with debug logging enabled.

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