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Change subject: [tools]: Keep the verbosity of CLI at FATAL and above

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File src/kudu/tools/

PS1, Line 215:   // Set the verbosity of the commands to WARNING(2) and above.
             :   // If the user had explicitly specified verbosity, then user's
             :   // verbosity level is honored. Since '--v' depends on 
             :   // specifying either of them on CLI will override this setting.
             :   if 
(google::GetCommandLineFlagInfoOrDie("minloglevel").is_default &&
             :       google::GetCommandLineFlagInfoOrDie("v").is_default) {
             :     google::SetCommandLineOption("minloglevel",
             :   }
> I agree it's a little unusual looking, but given that many of the usages of
What you're suggesting is useful, but I don't know how we implement it given 
the constraints at hand: the CLI shares nearly all of its code with the rest of 
Kudu, and log calls have statically defined levels. Suppose we wanted more 
verbosity in the tool and less in glog files. Would we run the CLI with --v=1 
and audit the VLOG(1) calls to make sure they're useful?

BTW, are you advocating for more CLI verbosity or less? In your first comment 
you suggested we audit INFO messages and remove the excessively verbose ones, 
while in the second comment you said you'd prefer more verbosity in the CLI.

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