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Change subject: [tests] fix tests - two cpus and fresh install

Patch Set 2:

Yep sounds good to me. I haven't fully investigated why the change fixes the 
test for me.

The cache is sharded by the numbers of cpus. Based on the following comment I 
was thinking I am thinking I edge case where I didn't see any hits but would 
with 4-procs.

      // Otherwise, we expect to have gotten some hits.
      // If our cache were a perfect LRU implementation, then we would actually
      // expect 0 hits here as well, since we are accessing the entries in
      // exactly the same order as we inserted them, and thus would evict
      // an entry before we look for it again. But, our LRU cache is sharded
      // so we expect to get some hits on the second time.

based on that plus this comment:

      // Basic test for the CompilationManager code cache.
      // This runs a bunch of compilation tasks and ensures that the cache
      // sometimes hits on the second attempt for the same projection.

I am thinking it's a safe change, but obviously important to verify that is 
actually a safe change.

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