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Change subject: thirdparty: stifle unused argument warnings when building with 

thirdparty: stifle unused argument warnings when building with clang

Dan tested my various thirdparty patches on macOS and reported that clang
emits thousands of unused argument warnings when building llvm, gflags, and
gtest. The first is due to the use of EXTRA_LDFLAGS in the llvm build; the
others have always been there.

We can tackle this in one of two ways:
1. Add -Qunused-arguments to EXTRA_CXXFLAGS. This isn't as easy as it
   sounds, because we need to restrict this to clang-based builds (gcc
   doesn't recognize the parameter), and sometimes that happens via CC/CXX
   environment variables and other times implicitly.
2. Narrow our prolific additions of -L... and -Wl,-rpath,... such that
   they're only added when needed.

I chose approach #2, which also meant remembering all of our
interdependencies. As best I can tell, here is the complete list:
- glog depends on gflags
- glog depends on libunwind
- pmemobj depends on pmem

With such a short list, approach #2 isn't actually that bad. I tested it by
building thirdparty with my system's clang. It worked once I disabled
-Werror in the nvml build.

I tried very hard not to regress commit 2567ed0. My system should be using
gold, though I noticed that only the shared objects in
installed-deps-tsan had RUNPATH entries; the ones in installed-deps and
installed used RPATH. Nevertheless, I ran both debug and tsan tests, which
should have exercised all of them.

Change-Id: I41db7fa29c6823c2914881e3fe91844b0c315779
M thirdparty/build-definitions.sh
M thirdparty/build-thirdparty.sh
2 files changed, 36 insertions(+), 22 deletions(-)

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