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Change subject: docs: add master permanent failure recovery workflow

Patch Set 1:

File docs/administration.adoc:

Line 288: * If using DNS aliases, override the empty value of the `Master 
Address` parameter for each role
> you use a period in the line above, but an asterisk here. on purpose?
Yes. This makes items 2 and 3 indented slightly in the rendered content, which 
is the effect I was going for.

Line 362: important to replace the dead master; otherwise a second failure can 
lead to a loss of availability.
> s/can/may also add to the end of the sentence: availability, depending on t

Line 366: possible to replace a master if the deployment was created with DNS 
aliases. See the
> on the other patch, you said "greatly help" but this seems to indicate ther
It depends. Some operators may find the trade-off of "DNS setup for permanent 
failure recovery" to be too onerous.

Nevertheless, I'll reword the earlier section to make it clear that permanent 
failure recovery isn't possible without the DNS steps.

Line 381:   workflow will refer to this master as the "recovery" master.
> nit: maybe use "reference" instead? I find "recovery" ambiguous

Line 477: * Override the empty value of the `Master Address` parameter for the 
new role with the replacement
> not sure what this means...
This is a CM-specific configuration step (hence it's in the "If using CM" 

Line 485: . Restart the existing live masters. This results in a brief 
availability outage, but it should
> You should mention this at the beginning, in bold letters.

Line 486:   last only as long as it takes for the masters to come back up.
> you can add that masters usually take a very short while to come up.
Done, though I mentioned this at the top.

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